Work that matters

Erasmus MC inspires and is challenging. You create your own opportunities in this University Medical Center. Whether it concerns learning and work or work and learning/continued learning. A conscious choice for work that matters, both nationally and internationally, at the heart of our multicultural home base of Rotterdam. Working from the heart. Together with people, for people: ‘patient-driven care’!

What we do?
Erasmus MC carries out innovative, pioneering work in both patient care and education and research. Erasmus MC literally and figuratively extends the boundaries by not only looking beyond the boundaries of departments and the organization but also across national borders. We aim to maintain our high-level performance both nationally and internationally by recruiting young talent and retaining experienced professionals.

The University Medical Center actively contributes to social and political debates and prevention and healthcare issues and develops activities to keep the public informed. Sustainability and improved environmental conditions are of paramount importance. Our staff cooperate closely both within and outside of their own areas. Where possible, links are made with patients, students, academic colleagues from other research institutes and other external parties. People working at Erasmus MC are enthusiastic team players. They cooperate with others because they want to achieve the best for the patient.

Core activities
Erasmus MC works on the continuous improvement of individual patient care and social healthcare and maintains this at a high international level. 'Patient-centered care', is deeply rooted in research and education.

Facts & figures
Erasmus MC is the most versatile and largest of the eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands. The care on offer covers the entire spectrum of medicine. This is in part thanks to the oldest academic children's hospital in our country, Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital and the specialized oncology center Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed. Each department contributes to or supports the three core tasks of Erasmus MC: patient care, research and education.

More facts and figures can be found in the Erasmus MC factsheets.

Date published: 11 January 2013