Osterhaus, Ab

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Ab Osterhaus is the Head of the Institute of Virology of the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam with currently about 100 employees, including post-docs, MDs, and PhD students. He has a broad experience in leading research projects in the fields of vaccine development and immunopathogenesis of virus infections of man and animals. He holds many editorial appointments for scientific journals, is the holder of several patents, has been the mentor of more than 50 PhD students and from 1980 onwards has held over 50 consultantships. Over the last 25 years, Prof. Osterhaus has identified more than a dozen "new" viral pathogens. He is author of more than 580 peer reviewed scientific papers.

Present positions
Professor of Virology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Head of the Department of Virology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Director National Influenza Center (NIC), Rotterdam
Director WHO Global Reference Laboratory for Measles
Head WHO National Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella with RIVM Bilthoven
Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Arboviruses and Haemorrhagic Fever Reference and Research
Chairman of the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine Erasmus MC
Member of the Graduate School Erasmus MC
Professor of Wildlife Virology and virus discovery, University Utrecht

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Key publications

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