Sleutels, Frank

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Frank Sleutels started his scientific career receiving his Masters diploma in Molecular Biology at Nijmegen University. He continued within the department of Molecular Genetics of the Netherlands Cancer Institute were he received his PhD (2001) studying the mechanism of genomic imprinting. Important breakthrough from his thesis was the discovery that the imprinting mechanism exploits non-coding RNAs to silence imprinted genes. This key result not only enforced the common features between imprinting and the X-chromosome inactivation mechanism but also stressed the significance of RNAs as gene regulators. During that time, a key regulator of chromatin structure at imprinted loci was discovered, called CTCF. So he moved on to work on chromatin structure and epigenetics controlled by CTCF at the department of Cell Biology at the Erasmus MC supported by an NWO-Veni grant. His lab studies the mechanism of this zinc-fingers protein family in epigenetic gene regulation and chromatin dynamics. We make use of conditional mouse models, genetically engineering of stem cells, live-cell fluorescence imaging, and advanced chromatin assays.

Address  Erasmus MC - Dept of Cell Biology 
room Ee 10-30
PO Box 2040
3000 CA  Rotterdam
The Netherlands 
Phone +31-10-7043166
Emailf.sleutels - at - erasmusmc.nl



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