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  • Influenza viruses less complicated

    Influenza viruses mutate more easily than previously thought. This new insight can help in identifying new variants of the flu virus more quickly and easily and in improving flu vaccines, according to Björn Koel in his PhD dissertation.

    Date published: 19 May 2016

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  • Congenital heart disease requires lifelong follow-up care

    Patients with a congenital heart disease who underwent surgery as a child should have lifelong follow-up appointments with a cardiologist.

    Date published: 13 May 2016

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  • Folfirinox treatment for pancreatic cancer prolongs life

    Pancreatic cancer patients treated with Folfirinox live considerably longer. Half of the patients analyzed for a study conducted by Erasmus MC Cancer Institute lived for another 24 months after treatment with the drug.

    Date published: 10 May 2016

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  • Course of depression predicts higher dementia risk

    Depression symptoms that steadily increase in older adults are more strongly linked to dementia than any other types of depression, and may indicate the early stages of the disease.

    Date published: 30 April 2016

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