Agenda augustus 2014

  • Erasmus Summer Programme 2014

    The Erasmus Summer Programme focuses on key principles and methods of quantitative medical research. Open to all students and health professionals, it provides essential updates in a range of applied medical and healthcare disciplines. It is possible to enrol for 1, 2 or 3 weeks in a single discipline or to mix and match courses from different disciplines in order to design your own individual programme.

    Doelgroep: health professionals interested in clinical trials, drug safety research and decision making in clinical medicine, biostatistics
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    11 augustus 2014 - 29 augustus 2014

    Erasmus MC Onderwijscentrum

  • Master class

    Advances in Epidemiologic Analysis (ESP64)

    Master class: Advances in Epidemiologic Analysis (ESP64)  
    Moderator: Professor Albert Hofman 
    16:00-17:00 hrs.

    Monday August 11  
    The Growing Rift Between Epidemiologists and Their Data 
    Professor Kenneth Rothman   

    Tuesday August 12  
    Big epidemiology: too big to fail? 
    Professor Matthias Egger  

    Wednesday August 13  
    Change as a determinant, determinants of change
    Dr. Zoltán Vokó  
    Thursday August 14  
    The Case-Crossover Design: Applications in Perinatal Epidemiology Research 
    Professor Michelle Williams

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    11 augustus 2014 - 14 augustus 2014

    Erasmus MC - Onderwijs centrum

  • Master class

    Advances in Genomics Research (ESP63)

    Master Class: Advances in Genomics Research (ESP63)
    Moderator: Professor André Uitterlinden
    16:00-17:00 hrs.

    Monday August 18             
    Genomic analysis of neurodegenerative disease
    Professor John Hardy   

    Tuesday August 19 
    The gut microbiome - a new target for understanding, diagnosing and treating disease Professor Jeroen Raes     
    Wednesday August 20       
    An editorial perspective on the rapid advances in genomics
    Dr. Sarah Perry

    Thursday August  21          
    Genetics of psychiatric disorders and biological mechanisms from gene to phenotype
    Professor Barbara Franke

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    18 augustus 2014 - 21 augustus 2014

    Erasmus MC - Onderwijs centrum

  • Erasmus Summer Lectures

    Erasmus Summer Lectures
    16:00-17:00 hrs.

    Monday August 25   
    Epidemiology: The Need for Translation 
    Professor Moyses Szklo

    Tuesday August 26   
    Observational studies analyzed like randomized trials, and vice versa 
    Professor Miguel Hernán 
    Wednesday August 27
    Evaluating treatment markers for stratified medicine 
    Professor Patrick Bossuyt

    Thursday August 28   
    Healthy Aging: Lessons Learned from Cardiovascular Epidemiology 
    Professor Philip Greenland 

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    25 augustus 2014 - 28 augustus 2014

    Erasmus MC - Onderwijscentrum

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