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About this website

How to use the Erasmus MC website

Clear layout
The Erasmus MC website has a clear layout. On each page of our site you will always find the same buttons along the top of the page: “Home”, “Employees”, “Directions”, “Site map”, and “English”.

  • Via “Home” you can return directly to the Erasmus MC home page.
  • “Employees” offers access to the Intranet and is only accessible to Erasmus MC employees.
  • “Directions” will quickly provide you with an overview of the ways in which you can reach Erasmus MC by car or public transport.
  • The “Site map” provides a schematic overview of the information available on the site.
  • The button “English” provides you with the same page in English. If the page is not available in English, the button will be gray and cannot be clicked.

An important part of our site is the search function, on the top right hand corner. With “advanced search” you can refine your search still further.

Five categories
In the blue menu bar at the top of our website’s home page you will find the five main information categories: “Patient care”, “Research”, “Education”, “About Erasmus MC”, and “Working at Erasmus MC”. 

  • Patient care
    Under “Patient care” you will find information for patients, visitors and referring physicians, and an overview of all Erasmus MC specializations. If you click on “Patients” you will find information categorized per Erasmus MC location: Erasmus MC Central location, Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed, and Erasmus MC-Sophia. You can also find more information on waiting times here.
  • Research
    High quality knowledge development is part of the Erasmus MC mission. The “Research” button provides access to all information on research at Erasmus MC, an overview of the research departments, data on the quality of the research, the ethical review of medical research, etc.
  • Education
    Erasmus MC, which provides about 70 training courses, is one of the largest medical training centers in the Netherlands. The “Education” button provides access to a detailed description of the various types of education, from nursing to management training courses.
  • About Erasmus MC
    Here you will find the contact details of Erasmus MC, frequently asked questions, and information on the administration and core tasks of Erasmus MC. You can also click this button if you would like further information on the publicity campaign “Patient-centered care” (De Patient Prominent).
  • Working at Erasmus MC
    If you are interested in working at Erasmus MC, then click on “Working at Erasmus MC”. Information on vacancies, terms of employment and career options can be found here. You can also read what our employees say about the organization.

Handy buttons
At the top of the page you will find the buttons “Print” and “Send”. Click the “Print” button if you want a clearly legible print of a page.
Are you interested in the latest developments in and around Erasmus MC? Then subscribe to the news service via RSS. By using the “Send” button you can forward interesting news to others.

Monitor is the Erasmus MC magazine. Interesting articles and news items on anything and everything taking place at Erasmus MC can be found in Monitor. Monitor can be read online (pdf, in Dutch). The magazine – together with the Erasmus MC Annual Report – can be found under the “About Erasmus MC” button and subsequently the button “Publications”.  

In 2011 the quality and accessibility of the website for people with a disability has improved a lot based on the web guidelines of Stichting Drempelvrij.nl. Erasmus MC follows these guidelines closely and complies with 10 out of 16 web guidelines in 2011.

Response form
This site is continually tested for its user-friendliness. There is, of course, always room for improvement, and we would therefore be very interested in your suggestions. Please use the respons form. Thank you for your help.