New hospital site Erasmus MC

Welcome to the hospital construction site of Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Before the summer of 2015 you have 2 chances left to have a look inside the new hospital building. Save the dates in you calender: Saturday June 13th, during the Construction Site Day, or, if that doesn't fit your agenda, come with us on a guided tour on Saturday, April 11th. And don't hesitate to bring your family along!
(Date published: 18-03-2015)
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  • Movie: Emergency department to new location
    In October 2014 the new Emergency Department of Erasmus MC opened its doors. Have a look to get an impression of the preparations that were needed to unite 2 different departments and to move to the new location. What preceded? And which actions were taken just before the moving house date?
    (Date published: 10-03-2015)
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Rondleidingen 2015 ENG - minicarrousel
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De groei van bouwdeel West in beeld ENG
Virtuele tour door de nieuwbouw - Minicaroussel