New hospital Erasmus MC

Welcome to the new hospital site of Erasmus MC Rotterdam

With the delivery of the new building approaching, the desire to have a look inside grows. Unfortunately, we can't invite everyone who would want to to come along and walk around but we can share pictures of the interior. These pictures are even quite special; they are interactive.
(Date published: 05-11-2015)
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  • Construction warmth/cold storage system
    Along the pavement of the 's Gravendijkwal between the main entrance of Erasmus MC and the Rochussenstraat the green area will be used for construction activities for the warmth/cold storage system that will be used in the new hospital building of Erasmus MC.
    (Date published: 08-10-2015)
  • How far are we with the building
    (Date published: 08-09-2015)
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