New hospital site Erasmus MC

Welcome to the hospital construction site of Erasmus MC Rotterdam

This year the hard hat tours through the hospital building under construction will start again. The first 2 tours are planned for Saturday the 7th of February. Please, don't hesitate to sign because the number of attendees has to be limited, unfortunately.
(Date published: 15-01-2015)
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  • Erasmus MC medal for architect
    Bas Molenaar, the architect who was jointly responsible for changing the Rotterdam skyline, was honoured with the Erasmus MC commemorative medal on November 27th by Menno Riemersma, Manager Integral Real Estate Programme of Erasmus MC.
    (Date published: 09-12-2014)
  • Panoramic photo's new building
    The construction of West 2 of the new building is moving forward. Currently the foundation is being worked on as well as the construction of the stairs and elevator towers. Before too long the pedestrians bridge between the clinical building and the faculty tower will have to make place for the new building.
    (Date published: 01-12-2014)
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