New hospital site Erasmus MC

Welcome to the hospital construction site of Erasmus MC Rotterdam

The construction of the new hospital building of Erasmus MC is progressing. It's getting more and more visible as the new hospital building. An increasing number of people, employees as well as external parties and individuals, get curious and ask us for more information like presentations and guided tours. To live up to these requests we organise on November 27th an English spoken seminar.
(Date published: 04-11-2014)
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  • Seminar Rotterdam is getting better!
    On November the 27th Erasmus MC and EGM Architects present a 1-day seminar: academic hospital build, lessons learned on innovative desgin concepts and project management.
    (Date published: 01-09-2014)
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De groei van bouwdeel West in beeld ENG
Virtuele tour door de nieuwbouw - Minicaroussel