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Kirstin Greaves-Lord

      Kirstin Greaves-Lord

     Kirstin Greaves-Lord

     Assistant professor (PhD)

     Tel: +31 (0) 10-7037005


     Erasmus MC-Sophia
     Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology
     Wytemaweg 8 - KP2, 3015 CN Rotterdam  
     PO Box 2060 - KP2, 3000 CB Roterdam




Kirstin Greaves-Lord works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology of the Erasmus MC - Sophia. She is the head of the joint Autism Research Program in collaboration with Yulius, a large autism specialized mental healthcare center of excellence. She is also the program leader of Joint Effort, a national endeavor to bridge the gap between autism research and practice. Her research focusses on developmental trajectories and outcomes of individuals on the autism spectrum, and on the effectiveness of interventions that involve people from the social context (i.e. family, school, leisure activities, and/or work) in order to improve social participation. Within the Autism Expertise Center results from her research become utilized through the development of innovative mental health care products and through the training of professionals. She supervises several PhD students and works as the project leader of a large RCT, and two large clinical cohort studies. Please find more information on the research she conducts on the website describing her researchline.

Research Interests
- Development, determinants and outcomes of autism spectrum disorder
- Puberty related problems
- Co-morbidity between psychiatric problems
- Mental health care use and treatment effects
- Stress sensitivity

- Accare + UMCG Groningen
- Hogeschool Leiden
- Hogeschool Rotterdam
- University College London (UCL)
- University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
- Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
- Yulius


International peer-reviewed publications (45)

1. Duvekot J, van der Ende J, Verhulst FC, Slappendel G, Maras A, van Daalen E, Greaves-Lord K (2016). Factors influencing the probability of a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in girls versus boys. Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice, in press.

2. Duvekot J, ten Hoopen L, Slappendel G, van der Sijde A, van der Ende J, Verhulst FC, Greaves-Lord K (2016). Design and cohort characteristics of the Social Spectrum Study: A multicenter study of the autism spectrum among clinically referred children. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, in press.

3. Evans BE, Greaves-Lord K, Euser AS, Thissen S, Tulen JH, Franken IH, Huizink AC (2016). Stress Reactivity as a Prospective Predictor of Risky Substance Use During Adolescence. J Stud Alcohol Drugs 77(2):208-19.

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6. Duvekot J, van der Ende J, Constantino JN, Verhulst FC, Greaves-Lord K (2016). Symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and anxiety: shared familial transmission and cross-assortative mating. J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 57(6):759-69.

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11. Eussen ML, Van Gool AR, Louwerse A, , Verhulst FC, Greaves-Lord K (2016). Superior disembedding performance in childhood predicts adolescent severity of repetitive behaviors: a seven years follow-up of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research 9(2):282-91.

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