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Parasite-host interactions

Schistosomiasis and Malaria


Worldwide, parasitic infections carry a major burden of disease, especially in the (sub)tropics. Malaria is the most deadly parasitic disease with an estimated 1 million deaths per year, accounting for 20% of all childhood deaths in sub-Sahara Africa. Schistosomes and soil-transmitted helminths are the most prevalent human parasites, with an estimated 2 billion people infected, of which 300 million suffer from severe disease.

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Our research is focused on "parasite-host interactions" in schistosomiases and malaria. Our aim is to improve treatment of parasitic diseases by 1) the development of novel diagnostics, 2) the development of strategies to reduce disease pathology by modulation of parasite-host interactions, and 3) development of novel drugs by the identification of essential and parasite specific targets. We work on schistosomal lipids as immune modulating factors and on schistosomal interference with host haemostasis.


  Lodewijk Tielens

  Jaap van Hellemond

  Mirjam Mebius

  Michiel Bexkens

  Prof. dr. Lodewijk Tielens

Dr. Jaap van Hellemond

 Drs. Mirjam Mebius

Ing. Michiel Bexkens


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Dr. Jaap van Hellemond

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