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Beverloo, Berna

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Berna Beverloo studied chemistry and received her PhD from Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine) where she developed new methods allowing sensitive detection of biomolecules. She did her postdoctoral training at the laboratory for Cell Biology and Genetics working on the detection and identification of genetic abnormalities in heamatological malignancies. Subsequently she was appointed staff member at this laboratory. Main focus of her research is on the detection and identification of new (cryptic) chromosomal abnormalities in human hematological malignancies and their clinical relevance for prognosis and disease treatment. In addition she participates in the research program of the MGC/CBG Institute of Genetics on genetic instability, by studying cytogenetic endpoints of genomic instability in DNA repair deficient mice and humans.

Since 2001 she is head of the Tumor Cytogenetics Laboratory (Erasmus MC, Dept of Clinical Genetics), combining the tumorcytogenetic diagnostic reference function of the lab and research activities. Her main research goal is to detect and identify those (molecular cyto)genetic events in human hematological malignancies that are important for diagnosis, and their clinical relevance for prognosis and disease treatment.



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