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IJcken, Wilfred van

Back to List Wilfred van IJckenWilfred van IJcken received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the Wageningen University and Research Center, The Netherlands in 2001. During his PhD he sequenced and annotated the SeMNPV virus genome, resulting in the identification of a novel structural virus protein and a novel baculovirus envelope fusion protein.

In 2002, he joined as a post-doc the group of Prof. Frank Grosveld at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, where he initiated and started a genomics core facility. Since 2002, he implemented a wide range of genomics techniques including next generation sequencing, microarrays, imaging and high throughput automation.

In 2007 he was one of the first offering Next Generation Sequencing to the Dutch research community. Since 2008 he has been an assistant professor at the Erasmus Center for Biomics and (co)applicant of numerous successful grants. He is also actively involved in medical student teaching and trainings.

Currently, he is participating in the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre BioAssist programs and organizer of many NGS data analysis courses. He performs consultancy for several biological companies in The Netherlands. Dr. ir. van IJcken is a regular speaker at international conferences and has over 75 publications in international peer-review journals.


Erasmus Center for Biomics


Selected publications

Papasavva T, van IJcken WF, Kockx CE, van den Hout MC, Kountouris P, Kythreotis L, Kalogirou E, Grosveld FG, Kleanthous M (2013)
Next generation sequencing of SNPs for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis: challenges and feasibility as illustrated by an application to β-thalassaemia
Eur J Hum Genet doi: 10.1038/ejhg.2013.47

Stadhouders R, Kolovos P, Brouwer R, Zuin J, van den Heuvel A, Kockx C, Palstra RJ, Wendt KS, Grosveld F, van IJcken W, Soler E (2013)
Multiplexed chromosome conformation capture sequencing for rapid genome-scale high-resolution detection of long-range chromatin interactions
Nat Protoc 8:509-524

Gontan C, Achame EM, Demmers J, Barakat TS, Rentmeester E, van IJcken W, Grootegoed JA, Gribnau J (2012)
RNF12 initiates X-chromosome inactivation by targeting REX1 for degradation
Nature 485:386-390

Brouwer RW, van den Hout MC, Grosveld FG, van IJcken WF (2012)
NARWHAL, a primary analysis pipeline for NGS data
Bioinformatics 28:284-285

Soler E, Andrieu-Soler C, Boer Ed, Bryne JC, Thongjuea S, Rijkers E, Demmers J, van IJcken W, Grosveld F (2011)
A systems approach to analyze transcription factors in mammalian cells
Methods 53:151-162