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Looijenga, Leendert

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MScMM faculty member - Leendert LooijengaLeendert Looijenga received his PhD in Medical Biology from Erasmus University where he studied the pathobiology of human testicular germ cell tumors. Since 1990 he is heading one of the leading groups in the study of the pathogenesis of germ cell tumors, part of the department of Pathology. He made a number of novel findings, related to: the pattern of genomic imprinting; chromosomal constitution of the different subtypes of germ cell tumors (now accepted as one of the diagnostic criteria according to the WHO classification (WHO 2004)), identification of informative diagnostic markers (i.e., OCT3/4, TSPY, stem cell factor (SCF, KITLG), SOX2, SOX9 and FOXL2), including for patients with disorders of sex development (DSD). Various in vitro and in vivo models for germ cell tumors are generated and characterized.

He demonstrated that a specific set of microRNAs is characteristic for germ cell tumors, and in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute it was demonstrated that some are involved in overruling oncogenic stress in the development of germ cell tumors, explaining the unusual presence of wild type TP53 in these cancers. Most recently, a correlation between microsatellite instability, BRAF (V600E) mutation, overall methylation and chemotherapy resistance was demonstrated. This allows pre-selection of patients at risk for a more severe treatment protocol, possibly even targeted. He is a recipient of the VIDI award from the NWO with the goal to identify genes that induce selective advantage to cells after they become polyploid. He recently received the Emil Steinberger award for his contribution in Andrology.

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