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Poot, Raymond

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Raymond Poot graduated in biochemistry at the University of Leiden. In 1997, he received his PhD from the same university, where he studied the structure-function relationship of ribosomal RNA structural elements, and translation-regulation by bacteriophage MS2 RNA. His post-doctoral training was at the Marie Curie Research Institute in Oxted, UK, in the lab of Patrick Varga-Weisz, where he purified and described one of the first mammalian ISWI chromatin remodelling complexes. In 2004, he became group leader and senior lecturer at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre in London, working on stem cell transcription factors.

In 2005, he continued this work at the Department of Cell Biology of the Erasmus MC, after receiving a VIDI grant. His group studies the action of key transcription factors in embryonic stem cells and neural stem cells, and their role in human neurological diseases. We are world experts in the purification of transcription factors from embryonic and neural stem cells and use this expertise to define the transcription factor networks that regulate the identity these cells and can cause disease when affected.


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Selected publications

Engelen E., Akinci U., Bryne J.C., Hou J., Gontan C., Moen M., Szumska D.,  Kockx C., van IJcken W., Dekkers D.H.W, Demmers J., Rijkers E.J., Bhattacharya S., Philipsen S., Pevny L.H., Grosveld F.G., Rottier R.J., Lenhard B., Poot R.A. (2011)
Sox2 cooperates with Chd7 to regulate genes that are mutated in human syndromes
Nature Genetics 6:607-611

van den Berg D.L.C., Snoek T., Mullin N.P., Yates A., Bezstarosti K., Demmers J., Chambers I., Poot R.A. (2010)
An Oct4-centered protein interaction network in embryonic stem cells
Cell Stem Cell 6:396-381

Gontan C., Güttler T., Engelen E, Demmers J., Fornerod M., Grosveld F.G., Tibboel D., Görlich D., Poot R.A. #, Rottier R.J. # (2009)
#senior authors
Exportin 4 mediates a novel nuclear import pathway for Sox family transcription factors
J. Cell Biol.  185: 27-34

van den Berg D.L.C., Zhang W., Yates A., Engelen E., Takacs K., Bezstarosti K., Demmers J., Chambers I., Poot R.A. (2008)
The Estrogen Related Receptor Beta interacts with Oct4 to positively regulate Nanog gene expression
Mol. Cell. Biol. 28: 5986-5995

Poot R.A.*, Bozhenok L.N.*, van den Berg D.L.C.*, Steffensen, S., Ferreira F., Grimaldi, M., Gilbert, N., Ferreira J. and Varga-Weisz P.D. (2004)
*contributed equally
The Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor interacts with PCNA to target chromatin remodeling by ISWI at the replication fork
Nature Cell Biol 6:1236-1244
Poot R.A.*, Collins N.*, Kukimoto I., Garcia-Jimenez C., Dellaire G. and Varga-Weisz P.D. (2002)
*contributed equally
An ACF1-ISWI chromatin remodeling complex is required for DNA replication through heterochromatin
Nature Genet 32: 627-632
Poot R.A., Dellaire G., Hulsmann B.B., Grimaldi M.A., Corona D.F., Becker P.B., Bickmore W.A., Varga-Weisz P.D. (2000)
HuCHRAC, a human ISWI chromatin remodelling complex contains hACF1 and two novel histone-fold proteins
EMBO J. 19: 3377-3387