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Uitterlinden, André

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André Uitterlinden

Uitterlinden_200x266André Uitterlinden is Professor of Complex Genetics at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam – The Netherlands - where he holds positions in 3 departments: Internal Medicine, Epidemiology and Clinical Chemistry.

His research is focusing on genetic factors for common traits and disease, including anthropometry, endocrine traits & disorders and locomoter disease such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. At Erasmus MC he is also head of one of Europe’s largest high-throughput DNA facility, providing services for DNA isolation, genotyping and sequencing.

As a PI (Personal Investigator) and member of the MT, he is coordinating all molecular genetic analyses in 2 major cohort studies at Erasmus MC: the Rotterdam Study (12,000 elderly subjects) and the Generation R birth-cohort (n=7,000 children +12,000 parents).

He is collaborating with many (large) international epidemiological study populations and coordinates the GEFOS consortium involving >150.000 subjects to identify genetic risk factors for osteoporosis. He is a member of the Research Steering Committee of the CHARGE consortium and director of the Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Aging (NCHA).

He has published 680 papers in refereed journals, has a H-index of 85 and is organizing annual international courses on complex genetics at Erasmus MC.

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Most contributing publications (in chronologic order)

1. Uitterlinden AG et al. Two-dimensional DNA fingerprinting of human individuals.
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