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Patient Stratification

The department collaborates with Skyline Diagnostics to translate and valorize results from cancer genomics experiments into diagnostic tests ready for daily clinical practice.

 ‘Determining a gene expression profile for patients suffering from acute myeloid leukemia can contribute to more effective and more specific treatment. With the aid of the powerful new GeneChip technology a robust prognostic genetic profile can be derived in patients with acute myeloid leukemia. This is the conclusion of researchers of the Department of Hematology and Bioinformatics of Erasmus MC on an article which had appeared in the April 15, 2004 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine’.

heatmapBioinformaticians from Erasmus MC use Next Generation Sequencing technology from Complete Genomics to study genetic variations at a higher resolution and greater sensitivity than previously possible. With DNA sequencing getting cheaper more quickly than data storage or computation, the time has come for genome informatics to migrate to the cloud and use shared datacenters.

The discovery of clinically applicable gene signatures and DNA variants from cancer cells in AML patients led to the founding of Skyline Diagnostics in 2005. The investigators and clinicians of the Departments of Hematology and Bioinformatics of the Erasmus University Medical Center, among whom professor Bob Löwenberg and professor Peter van der Spek teamed up with biotech entrepreneur Henk Viëtor , PhD, to develop that discovery into a powerful clinical tool: the AMLprofiler. Since its inception, the company has perfected the AMLprofiler and filled its pipeline with other, promising new profilers. Making use of the GeneChip® Technology as an official Powered-by-Affymetrix partner, Skyline takes microarray technology to a whole new level by helping clinicians fight cancer better. In recent years, we expanded and became a company of over twenty ambitious people motivated to make personalized medicine a reality in oncology. patientstrat





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