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Data Mining

Researchers are confronted with massive datasets which must be explored and interpreted in the context of other biomedical knowledge.

The center helps researchers to quickly find, classify, interpret and store information that is relevant to clinical and biomedical decision making. To this end, it provides complementary tools, such as Ingenuity, Biobase, Biowisdom/ OmniViz and TIBCO/ Spotfire, which all enable visualization of processing and interpretation of complex datasets. The Center also offers specific training courses and facilities for ICT solutions in biomedical and clinical research.
The department uses software applications that enable clinicians, biologists and bioinformaticians to identify biological mechanisms, pathways and functions most relevant to their experimental datasets, genes or disease of research. Once genomic or proteomic data are generated and statistically analyzed, these datasets can be easily uploaded into the Ingenuity application. The software dynamically computes relevant networks and identifies biological functions or pathways focused on genes of interest. This enables clinicians and scientists to gain a deeper biological understanding of molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying diseases such as cancer and congenital malformations. The use of knowledge bases ultimately improves future experimental process and influences experimental direction or might even guide therapeutic intervention.