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HR Strategy for Researchers: HRS4R

Erasmus MC is awarded the HR Excellence in Research Logo.

The European Commission has awarded Erasmus MC the HR Excellence in Research Logo. By introducing this logo, the European Commission hopes to increase the career opportunities and the mobility of (young) researchers within Europe, the ultimate goal being to strengthen the European labour market for young researchers globally. To this end, a charter for researchers and a code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers has been compiled entitled " the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers" (HRS4R).
The HR Logo has been awarded after a thorough analysis of Erasmus MC HR policies. For this analysis and assessment of all its legislations and regulations, a project group was brought together to conduct an internal Gap Analysis, resulting in the Action Plan.
For more details and information, please see the Action Plan Erasmus MC.
The implementation of the Action Plan will make sure that the Charter and the Code are being further embedded in our organization. By implementing the HRS4R the researcher who wants to work at Erasmus MC will be assured that rights as a professional are recognized and enhanced, mobility experience is valued, work-life balance is respected, recruitment will follow a transparent process and they join a truly pan-European network consisting of research organizations and researchers.
Logo HRS4R  
Erasmus MC wishes to achieve that the results of these actions become embedded or have connections with developments already put in motion, or with future projects and fit within the main areas of the Human Resources Policy. This way, cohesion is maintained and there is a connection with the Erasmus MC Strategical Policy 2014-2018.
The European Charter for researchers and the Code of Conduct will keep inspiring us to create even more and better conditions and facilities under which researchers can perform successfully. 
For more information about the HR Logo please visit The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.
If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. John van der Voort, Human Resources, telephone + 31 (0) 10 7035890, e-mail