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Where do I find the department.

The Department of Cell Biology is located at the ErasmusMC Faculty building (Dr. Molewaterplein 40, 3015 GD Rotterdam; P.O. Box 2060, 3000 CB Rotterdam). ErasmusMC Faculty Building is reachable by metro (Caland line, stop Dijkzigt/ ErasmusMC), bus (44, stop ErasmusMC) and tram (8, stop ErasmusMC). For Rotterdam public transportmap see this link.  (ErasmusMC is in central Rotterdam).

The labs are situated on different floors of the ErasmusMC building: 

  • v.d. Berg lab: 10th floor (room Ee1065)
  • ten Berge lab: 10th floor (room Ee1018)
  • Drabek lab: 10th floor (room Ee1002)
  • Galjart lab: 10th floor (room Ee1032)
  • Grosveld lab: 10th floor (room Ee1001)
  • Huylebroeck lab: 10th floor (room Ee 1040/ Ee1002)
  • Jansen lab: 10th floor (room Ee1075)
  • Mulugeta lab: 10th floor (room Ee1065)
  • Philipsen lab: 10th floor (room Ee1071)
  • Poot lab: 10th floor (room Ee1000)
  • Rottier lab: 10th floor (room Ee1034)
  • Scholte lab: 10th floor (room Ee1034)
  • Wendt lab: 10th floor (room Ee1020)