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The Department of Cell Biology is part of the Cluster of Medical Genetics and has access to a number of facilities.

The Mass spectrometry facility, headed by Dr. Jeroen Demmers, is in the the Erasmus Centre of Biomics. Proteins (and protein-modifications) from our purifications are identified within days, using the latest, ultra-sensitive, equipment. This facility, combined with the biochemical expertise within the department, provides an ideal environment for the identification and characterization of protein interactions.

The Erasmus Center for Biomics is the Erasmus MC Genomics Core Facility, headed by Dr. ir. Wilfred van IJcken. It provides services and expertise for Next Generation Sequencing for all kinds of applictions (gene expression analysis, genome accessibility, genome conformation, variant detection, and many others) and a number of other genome-related techniques, which will save time in your research and provides easy opportunity for new research venues.

In the Applied Optical Imaging Centre, we have access to the latest microscopy technology and expertise, including a 4Pi microscope for high optical resolution, a 2-photon microscope, and several confocal microscopes, especially adapted for different aspects of FRAP, FLIP and FRET technology.

In our mouse transgenics facility, we use the latest techniques to make mouse (conditional) knock-outs and knock-ins and derive (ES) cell lines and other cells from mice.

Our Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) allows rapid separation of live and fixed cells, based on fluorescence (by immunochemistry and fluorescent proteins such as GFP).

Our work is supported by the Erasmus Center for Bioinformatics , which supplies experience and software for the processing and interpretation of complex data sets.

Computer hardware and software in the department is supported by the IT support desk