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Erasmus Hematology Award for Ley

The Erasmus Hematology Award 2015 has been awarded to Dr. Timothy J. Ley of the Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

Timothy LeyThe Award was established by Erasmus MC's department of Hematology in 2013 to honor a leading scientist in the field of Hematology.

"Dr. Timothy Ley is a leader in the science of the molecular biology of cancer and heads one of the major research programs on cancer genomics in the USA", says Prof. Bob Löwenberg of the department of Hematology at Erasmus MC.

"Dr. Ley was the first to sequence a whole cancer genome in humans and identified new cancer gene mutations in leukemia. These are groundbreaking discoveries that are elementary for our understanding of cancer biology and disease outcomes, and of great importance for clinical cancer diagnostics and developmental therapeutics."

Dr. Ley will give a lecture in Rotterdam on 19 March. He will address fundamental questions in cancer research:  how leukemia evolves over time, how complex the biological structure of leukemia is and why leukemia cells may escape from therapeutic drug interventions leading to recurrence of the disease.

Date published: 5 February 2015.

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