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Volvo Ocean Race crew trained by Erasmus MC

On Monday 22 April, the Volvo Ocean Race crew of Dutch skipper Simeon Tienpont set off for the leg from Itajai (Brazil) to Newport (USA). The crew received its medical emergency training from physicians from Erasmus MC.

Volvo Ocean Race

Erasmus MC has provided the crew with knowledge on various interventions, because of the fact that they have to rely purely on themselves when sailing. During the race, medical assistance from outside would be very difficult, if not impossible. The crew of Tienpont also cooperates in various studies conducted by Erasmus MC scientists. See "Erasmus MC to study stress in sailing crew".

The longest sailing contest in the world, the Volvo Ocean Race, requires both physical and psychological efforts and endurance of its participants. Over a nine-month period, the sailors (a team of 8 men and two women) travel around the world and are exposed to extreme weather conditions during which they have to provide heavy physical labor, encounter a disturbed sleep-wake pattern, have to make split-second crucial decisions in the middle of the ocean, far from their relatives.

It is not difficult to envisage that the stress system, which is responsible for adapting to stressful situations, will be heavily and continuously charged during such a journey.

See the video of Erasmus MC's trauma surgeon Philippe de Rooij about the crew members' training (at 1:40). 


Date published: 24 April 2018.

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