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In Praise of Medicine open for registration

In Praise of Medicine is now open for registration. Scientists will give lectures on new outbreaks of contageous diseases and what precautions can be taken.

Lof der GeneeskunstContributions
The public lecture takes place on Friday 5 October at the Doelen. Lecturers are scientists Prof. Ron Fouchier, Prof. Marion Koopmans and Prof. Jeremy Farrar.

Foucher is Professor of Molecular Virology at Erasmus MC. He is well known in the field of respiratory viruses: together with his team he discovered the MERS corona virus and the metapneumoniavirus. He also made a major contribution to research on the bird flu virus.

Prof. Marion Koopmans is a Professor of Virology and head of the Virology department at Erasmus MC. Her research focuses on foodborne viruses, the spread of viruses among animals and from animals to humans, and she is an advisor to many national and international health organizations, including the Dutch Health Council and the WHO. She was awarded the NWO Stevin Prize on 15 June.

Foreign lecturer
This year, the lecturer from abroad is Jeremy Farrar. He is the director of the Wellcome Trust, a British research charity that aims to improve health for everyone by supporting scientists, ideas, and initiatives that contribute to better world health. Until recently he was Professor of Tropical Medicine and Global Health at Oxford University.

Employees and other interested people can register for In Praise of Medicine online.

Date published: 9 August 2018.

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