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Research groups/labs  (26)

Palliative and Supportive Care

Research Palliative and supportive care, Medical oncology, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute

Personalized Medicine Lab of Translational Pharmacology

Many patient-related factors influence the exposure of anticancer drugs. We aim to identify those factors and to optimize the individual treatment of ...

Prostate Cancer - Bangma research group

Our group reflects and acts on the overall management of prostate cancer care in regional and national prostate center networks, and on the ...

Prostate Cancer - Jenster research group

Our goal is to understand the mechanisms for the origin and progression of prostate cancer, and through novel insights identify new biomarkers for ...

Prostate Cancer - Roobol research group

Our goal is to perform epidemiological research and develop predictive models for diagnosis and prognosis within the field of urology, to be ...

Prostate Cancer - van Weerden research group

Our goal is to understand mechanisms of therapy resistance of prostate cancer using relevant models, to develop novel targeted therapies and ...

Radiotherapy Clinical Research Group

Research group Clinical Research, dept of Radiotherapy, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam

Radiotherapy Medical Physics and Technology

Research group medical Physics and Technology. dept of Radiotherapy, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam

Rijken lab

This research lab investigates the role of fibrin formation and fibrin degradation in hemostasis and thrombosis

Sonneveld lab

Pharmacotherapy and multiple myeloma

Touw lab

Leukemia predisposition syndromes

Translational Cancer Genomics (TCG)

This workgroup tries to discover clinically relevant breast, colorectal and prostate cancer biomarkers of disease progression using genomics ...