Practical information about the car parks in Westzeedijk and Wytemaweg.

Wytemaweg car park address:

Wytemaweg 12
3015 CN Rotterdam

Westzeedijk car park address:

Westzeedijk 361
3015 AA Rotterdam

Once you approach the Erasmus MC, you will see signposts indicating the route to the Westzeedijk or Wytemaweg car park. The signposts show the number of vacant parking spaces in each garage.

Once you get to the Erasmus MC, follow the signs for the building, floor, room, waiting area or lounge where you need to be. For further information, click first on ‘Contact and directions’ and then on the heading ‘Getting to Erasmus MC (route descriptions and maps)'. 

Practical information

  • Maximum headroom in Westzeedijk car park: 2.30 metres on level 1 and 2.10 metres on level.
  • The maximum headroom in the Wytemaweg car park is 1.90 metres.
  • If your vehicle is more than 2.30 m high, you should send an email to at least 24 hours in advance.
  • There are signs in the Westzeedijk car park leading you to vacant spaces.
  • There are signs in the Wytemaweg showing the number of vacant spaces on each level.
  • There are designated parking spaces for disabled drivers.
  • There is a ‘Kiss and Ride’ zone at Entrance 3 (to the Westzeedijk car park), where a car or taxi can drop you off.
  • Wheelchairs are available (you will need a €2 coin, which is refunded when you return the wheelchair).
  • You can exit the car park free of charge if you park for less than 20 minutes.
  • The car park is open around the clock.
  • A digital image of your registration number will be made when you enter the car park, so that the computer system can recognise your number plate and automatically lift the barrier when you leave. The image of your registration number is deleted once you have left the car park.

Parking charges

  • €2.70 for the first hour.
  • After the first hour: €1.30 for every 30 minutes.
  • Maximum daily (24-hour) charge: €25.
  • If you lose your parking ticket, enter your registration number in the payment terminal.
  • After paying the parking charge, you have 20 minutes to exit the car park.

Payment terminals

  • Use your bank pass or credit card to pay at one of the payment terminals before you return to your car.

Special parking rates for regular visitors and outpatients

There are two special parking schemes for regular visitors and outpatients. Click here for further details about special parking rates.

Further details about parking in the Erasmus MC (with map showing location of car parks).