Practical information about parking at Erasmus MC.

Wytemaweg car parking garage

Wytemaweg 12
3015 CN Rotterdam

Westzeedijk car parking garage

Westzeedijk 361
3015 AA Rotterdam

Practical information

  • Maximum headroom car parking garage Westzeedijk is 2,30 meters on the first floor and 2,10 on the ground floor. For higher vehicles, please contact car park management services at (010) 703 47 82.
  • Maximum headroom car parking garage Wytemaweg is 1,90 meters. For higher vehicles, please contact car park management services at (010) 703 47 82.
  • There are a number of disabled car parking spaces available.
  • Kiss and Ride zone near Entrance 3 (car parking garage Westzeedijk)
  • Wheelchairs are available (€ 2 coins, refunded on return).
  • The car parking garage is open 24/7: night and day, seven days a week.

Car parking charges

  • First hour € 2.70.
  • After first hour € 1.30 for every 30 minutes.
  • All-day ticket (and for lost tickets) € 25.
  • Exit within 20 minutes of paying.

Payment machines

Please pay your parking ticket at the ticket machine, before returning to your car. Payment is only possible by debit card or electronic chipknip. The ticket machines do not take cash.

Concessions for visitors of patients hospitalized for longer periods

Visitors can obtain a 14-day ticket for € 30 per ticket. This 14-day ticket gives unlimited access to Erasmus MC’s car parking garages for two weeks. A maximum of two 14-day tickets will be issued for use at the same time per patient number. The ticket can be used for entry and exit. On the last day of an expired period a new 14-day ticket can be purchased for the next period. This ticket can be purchased at the gatehouse in the Westzeedijk car parking garage.

Concessions for outpatients

A maximum parking fee of € 40 for four consecutive weeks applies to outpatients. All parking fees paid in excess of this amount can be claimed afterwards (with parking receipts) and will be reimbursed by Erasmus MC.

The dates on the collected parking receipts must coincide with the appointment dates at the outpatient clinics. The parking receipts can be obtained by pressing the receipt button when paying at the ticket machine.

The claim form can be obtained at the gatehouse in the Westzeedijk car parking garage or at the Reception Desk. Only parking costs made in the Erasmus MC car parking garages (Westzeedijk and Wytemaweg) can be claimed.