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Adjusted opening hours for restaurants and shops Erasmus MC

Due to the current crisis, you need to take into account the adjusted opening times of the shops and restaurants.

Nieuw beeld corona klein bestand
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Erasmus MC to postpone some elective surgery

Erasmus MC is to postpone some planned surgery.

Beschermingskleding coronavirus Erasmus MC
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Frequently asked questions coronavirus (update)

Patients infected with COVID-19 have been admitted to Erasmus MC. These patients are being treated in strict aerogenic isolation. Erasmus MC is open as usual and safe to visit.

Marion uitkijk over rotterdam
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Virologist Marion Koopmans: "The hectic pace does not make it easy to get people along"

There is so much attention for the coronavirus that the media cycle has gone through, says virology professor Marion Koopmans. That limits her and her colleagues in their work to fight this new virus. Read the article by Raymond Krul, 13 March 2020. Photography by Duco de Vries.

Annemiek spotify fb
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Annemiek van der Eijk: How do we deal with coronavirus

The coronavirus has gripped us all. Social distancing is the new reality. What else can we do to prevent spreading? Can we still go outside? Does it help to wear mouth masks? What about our immunity and can our pets be infected? Listen to this podcast from March 20 on Spotify (In Dutch)

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Marion 1 vandaag
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Marion Koopmans bij Een Vandaag

Uitzending van 16 maart 2020

Annemiek bij NOS
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Annemiek van der Eijk over thuisblijvende schoolkinderen

NOS journaal van 16 maart 2020

philogenetische boom 640 x 384
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Family tree shows path of the virus

Where exactly do new infections with the coronavirus come from? To answer that question, geneticists look at the pedigree of the virus. Marion Koopmans explains. (in Dutch)

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Construction of central freezer facility started