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Large Josephine Nefkens Foundation subsidy for cancer research

Large Josephine Nefkens Foundation subsidy for cancer research

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Only use melatonin on physicians advice

As many as one in seventeen young teenagers use the sleeping aid melatonin on a weekly basis to help them sleep better. This is the conclusion of the long-term Generation R population study in Rotterdam. Researchers warn parents to be careful when using melatonin without a physician's advice, because the long-term effects on children are unknown.

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European Deans meeting “Training Future-Proof Doctors for the Digital Society”

The Deans meeting held in Rotterdam on 12 April put the spotlight on how to prepare future and current doctors for the digital healthcare transformation as well as how to better integrate digital skills in the education and training of medical doctors.

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TU Delft, EUR and Erasmus MC strengthen collaboration

Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) intend to structurally strengthen and scale up their scientific collaboration – specifically in the health field.

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Hematology Award for Lillicrap

Prof. David Lillicrap of Queen´s University in Kingston, Canada has been awarded the Erasmus Hematology Award.

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New treatment for heart failure

Dr. Jasper Brugts, cardiologist at Erasmus MC, will lead the Dutch study on a new treatment for patients with heart failure.

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Healthy living pays off

Middle-aged people who do not smoke and do not have hypertension or obesity, will, on average, become ill nine years later.

Science Gallery
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Erasmus MC joins Science Gallery Network

Science Gallery International and Erasmus MC will join forces to develop Science Gallery Rotterdam.

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New website Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC has a new website since Monday, 21 January 2019. People visiting the new website will see a different homepage, updated information and improved navigation.