Important information for visitors

April 7, 2020

We keep the number of visitors to our hospital to a minimum.

One visitor, parent, or carergiver may be present in the hospital per patient per day. This means only one visitor during the visiting hours; visitors cannot wait until another visitor has left. This is the case for patients that have been admitted to hospital and for patients with outpatient appointments. We request visitors with a head cold, a cough, a fever, or those who have recently become short of breath, not to come to Erasmus MC. Different visiting guidelines have been introduced for:

12th floor

The ward is located on the:
       *  12th Floor - Ne, Nf, Ng, Rg

The guidelines are:

  • One visitor per patient per day
  • Daily visiting time is between 12noon and 1pm
  • Visitors can use the specially reserved elevators in the Ng elevator lobby, where they will be welcomed by staff members. Visitors must inform the staff who they are visiting.
  • No coats or bags are permitted inside the patient rooms in these wards. Supervised cloakrooms are available at the entrance to the wards.


The guidelines for patients admitted to the new ICU are:

  • One visitor per patient per day
  • Visitors must consult the nursing staff before visiting. A visiting roster will be drawn up by the nurse.

Building AD

The following visiting guidelines have been drawn up for patients admitted to Building AD:

  • in a shared room: no visitors
  • in a single room: one visitor per patient per day, after due consultation with staff and provided that it is medically appropriate.

Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital

  • Medium care (south 1, south 2, north 1, day-patient treatment, and the Pediatric Thorax Center (north 2 and south 2))
  • Pediatric ICU
  • Neonatal ICU

Your child may receive 1, maximum 2 different visitors/parents per day, but not at the same time. A maximum of 1 person per child may be present in the hospital per visit. For example, one parent in the afternoon and the other parent in the evening.

Adjusted opening hours for restaurants and shops

Please take note of the adjusted opening hours for catering facilities and shops at Erasmus MC due to the current crisis.