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First COVID-19-patients receive blood plasma transfusions

The first ten patients participating in the ConCoVID study have been treated in Erasmus MC, in collaboration with 15 other centers in the Netherlands. In this study, patients with the coronavirus will receive blood plasma transfusions. The plasma has been donated by patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and have produced antibodies in their blood that attack the virus. This scientific study will investigate whether convalescent plasma transfusions can have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease. The study is a collaboration with Sanquin and a total of 426 patients will participate.

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NWA: corona scientifically explained for children

How do you explain the coronavirus and all the measures around it in an understandable way to children? The National Science Agenda is organized via Facebook on Wednesday 8 and 15 April at 2 pm (in Dutch)

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Virologist Ron Fouchier: 'The Netherlands is full of hosts that can transmit a virus'

Meet Ron Fouchier, one of the most important virologists in the Netherlands. His message: if you know that a pandemic is coming, prepare yourself. And: our livestock farming really needs to be overhauled.

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Important information for visitors

We keep the number of visitors to our hospital to a minimum.

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Essential care to continue with all precautions

All healthcare treatment that cannot be postponed will continue to be provided at Erasmus MC with all necessary precautions. Because your health and that of our staff is of paramount importance to us, we are taking the following measures.

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Can you become immune to the coronavirus?

It’s likely you can, at least for some period of time. That is opening new opportunities for testing and treatment.

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Marion Koopmans: "We will see more of this if we topple natural balances"

Interview on the COVID-19 pandemic with WHO expert Prof. Marion Koopmans, Virologist and Veterinary, Director of Virosciences, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. She was appointed, together with six other leading European experts, as a member of the advisory panel on COVID-19 of the European Commission.

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Rik de Swart in the New Yorker; How does the coronavirus behave inside a patient?

“I want to emphasize that measles and COVID-19 are different diseases caused by very different viruses with different behaviors,” Rik de Swart, a virologist at Erasmus University, in Rotterdam, cautioned when we spoke, “but in measles there are several clear indications that the severity of illness relates to the dose of exposure.

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About Marion Koopmans and her answers to nine coronaquestions

Learn more from world's top doctors

Opening hours
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Adjusted opening hours for restaurants and shops Erasmus MC

Due to the current crisis, you need to take into account the adjusted opening times of the shops and restaurants.

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Erasmus MC to postpone some elective surgery

Erasmus MC is to postpone some planned surgery.

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Virologist Marion Koopmans: "The hectic pace does not make it easy to get people along"

There is so much attention for the coronavirus that the media cycle has gone through, says virology professor Marion Koopmans. That limits her and her colleagues in their work to fight this new virus. Read the article by Raymond Krul, 13 March 2020. Photography by Duco de Vries.