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Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research

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Dutch bats infected with 2019-nCoV?

Are bats in the Netherlands also infected with 2019-nCoV? Based on genetic research, the # 2019-nCoV is most similar to #coronaviruses found in specimens of a type of horseshoe nose (Rhinolophus affinis) sampled in Yunnan province, #China. This bat species is widely distributed in South and Southeast Asia, but not in Europe.

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Erasmus MC conducts research on Coronavirus

Virologists from the Virology Department work closely with the WHO. Prof. Marion Koopmans and Dr. Bart Haagmans participate in the WHO virologists group – in which virologists from all over the world are affiliated. The virology department has – if necessary – tests available to determine whether someone has the coronavirus.

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CT scan screening reduces lung cancer mortality

Fewer current smokers and former smokers die of lung cancer if they are screened for this disease. Men at risk of lung cancer who undergo screening reduce their risk of dying from lung cancer by 24 percent. For women, this effect may even be twice as high.

surveillance and prediction of EIDs.
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15 million for development early detection system for infectious diseases outbreaks

“Our ambition is to revolutionize our ability to detect and analyze outbreaks of emerging disease at a much earlier stage than currently is possible, thus allowing time to respond rapidly to seriously curtail their impact,” says prof Marion Koopmans, head of department of Viroscience at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, and coordinator of the VEO project. The project started January 1st 2020, and will receive funding for 5 years.

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Imaging live brain activity during awake brain surgery

A new application of functional Ultrasound (fUS) now enables maximum safe brain tumor resection

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Slight hearing loss linked to poorer school performance

Children with slight hearing loss scored less well in their cito test, taken in the final year of primary school, and showed more behavioral problems than young teenagers who hear well.

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Large Josephine Nefkens Foundation subsidy for cancer research

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A new twenty-first century science for effective epidemic response

With rapidly changing ecology, urbanization, climate change, increased travel and fragile public health systems, epidemics will become more frequent, more complex and harder to prevent and contain.

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Mini symposium “Zoonotic disease emergence: lessons learned and future directions

Tuesday November 26, 2019 Time: 09:00 - 12.00 Mini symposium "Zoonotic disease emergence: lessons learned and future directions"