Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of Ernst Kuipers (chairman), David Voetelink (deputy chairman), Hans van Leeuwen (dean and member) and Joke Boonstra (member). They introduce themselves below.

Executive Board

Ernst Kuipers

Chairman of the Executive Board.

Brief introduction

Ernst Kuipers trained in gastroenterology and hepatology. He was appointed as a member of the Erasmus MC Board of Directors on 1 December 2012 and has been chairman of the Board since 15 March 2013. He was educated in the Netherlands (Groningen, Enschede, Deventer and Amsterdam), and worked in Nashville, USA, for several years after obtaining his PhD.

In 2000, he was appointed as a Professor and head of Erasmus MC’s department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and in 2006 he also became head of the department of Internal Medicine. Among his many other activities, he was the driving force behind the introduction of the national screening program for colon cancer.

His academic and professional interests, combined with his management experience with various international organizations and committees, have given him a very broad-minded view on national as well international issues. This is vital in his role as chairman.

What he has to say

Erasmus MC is the largest and most diverse university medical center in the Netherlands. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be chairman of this wonderful organization.
We are an international leader in research, our training programs rank high, and in our patient care we focus increasingly on patients with highly complex conditions in need of tertiary referral care and innovative medical care. In addition to Dutch patients, we also treat international patients who require this complex medical care.

This is important so that we can continue to offer high-quality and affordable healthcare to both our Dutch and international patients. However, Erasmus MC can only do this together with our care partners in the region. Strengthening these partnerships and building networks: this is what I hope to achieve as chairman.


  • Themes: Daniel den Hoed, Brain & Senses, Sophia Children’s Hospital, Emergency, Perioperative and Intensive, Thorax
  • Quality & Patient care
  • Integrated Building Program
  • WIN Program (working in the new buildings)
  • Committees & consultative bodies
  • Staff Assembly
  • Staff Council
  • Board of NFU (The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres)
  • LNAZ (Dutch Acute Healthcare Network)
  • BeterKeten Foundation
  • Holland PTC (Holland Particle Therapy Centre)

Ancillary activities

  • Chairman of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres
  • Chairman of Dutch Acute Healthcare Network 
  • Chairman of Regional Council Acute Care (ROAZ)
  • Member of the Health Council of the Netherlands
  • Member of the Program Committee for National Screening Program for Colon Cancer
  • Member of the BOLS Foundation (allocates residents for further medical training)
  • Member of Cancer Taskforce 
  • European Lead in CRC screening, World Endoscopy Organization

Contact details

You can reach Ernst Kuiper’s secretariat at (010) 703 46 81 or by email.

David Voetelink

Deputy chairman of the Executive Board.

Brief introduction

David Voetelink has been a member of the Executive Board and CFO of Erasmus MC since 1 October 2013. He has been the deputy chairman of the Executive Board since 1 September 2017. He studied economics at the University of Groningen, followed by a course in accountancy at NIVRA (The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants).  

After having worked as a lecturer, researcher, and in government positions for several years, Voetelink joined KPMG as an accountant in 1981. In 1989, he became a partner at KPMG; responsible for the office in Apeldoorn. He was appointed chairman of KPMG Health Care in 2000, where he worked for a large number of healthcare and non-profit organizations. 

His areas of expertise are financial management of healthcare organizations, change processes in the financial domain, the professionalization of management information, and the funding and management of major building construction projects. He applies his broad experience to the benefit of Erasmus MC.

What he has to say I feel very privileged to be an executive member of an institute like Erasmus MC that is ranked in the top 20 worldwide and has ambitions to continue to become even better. The past few years have been dominated by the construction of the new buildings and the relocation to the new hospital.

Now that the relocation has been completed, I am committed to making the best possible use of all the opportunities that this beautiful new hospital offers for innovative patient care.


  • Themes: Dijkzigt Hospital
  • Support Services: Control & Compliance, Information & Technology, Purchasing & Facilities, and Business Development & Sales.
  • Integrated Building Program
  • Erasmus MC Holding
  • Haven Outpatient Clinic Rotterdam
  • Committees & consultative bodies
  • NFU management committee Finance & Control
  • Registratie aan de Bron Steering group (continuity of care record) (NFU)
  • Directors’ meeting (DO)
  • RijnmondNet Foundation

Ancillary activities

  • Member of Zuyderland Hospital Supervisory Board
  • Chairman of z-CERT Supervisory Board (Computer Emergency Response Team for Healthcare)

Contact details

You can reach David Voetelink’s secretariat at (010) 703 27 60 or by email.


Hans van Leeuwen

Dean and member of the Executive Board.

Brief introduction

Hans van Leeuwen studied biology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has been a staff member and researcher with Erasmus MC’s department of Internal Medicine since 1988, and one of his positions in the department was head of the laboratories. 

Hans has been a pro-dean and director of Education and Research since 2015. On 1 September 2017, Hans was appointed dean and member of Erasmus MC’s Executive Board.

Contact details

You can reach Hans van Leeuwen’s secretariat at (010) 703 50 60 or by email.

Joke Boonstra

Member of the Executive Board.

Brief introduction

Joke Boonstra (born 1971) studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her PhD in Leiden on the rejection mechanisms of combined renal/pancreas transplants. She studied clinical chemistry at LUMC and Erasmus MC. 

Starting in 2002, she worked as a staff member, and later also as deputy head, at Erasmus MC's department of Clinical Chemistry. She moved to IJsselland Hospital in 2010, where she successively worked as head of the laboratories, healthcare director, and as a member of the Executive Board starting at the end of 2013. 

She has been a member of Erasmus MC Executive Board since 1 September 2017.

Contact details

You can reach Joke Boonstra’s secretariat at (010) 703 34 20 or by email.