Plaster room

Our orthopedic practitioners work in the plaster room. They can help you when something is wrong with the parts of your body involved with your posture and movement.

Plaster room

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Types of casts

Plaster casts are the traditional casts and are made of Plaster of Paris. This type of cast is often applied in the Emergency Department together with a splint. Part of the injury will be covered in hard plaster and the remainder with cotton wool and a bandage wrap so that there is room for swelling. This type of cast is also used after certain surgical procedures as it is good for the healing process. Because this cast can take up to two days to harden fully, you must be careful while it dries. You can rest your limb on a pillow, for example.

The other type of cast is a synthetic cast, which is made of fiberglass or plastic strips and is much lighter and stronger. The more layers used, the more stable the cast. Fewer layers will offer greater flexibility. We also have cast braces. The brace is held in place with Velcro strips and can be removed. This cast only takes 30 minutes to harden fully, which means that you can use the affected limb almost immediately. 

Cast aids

It is important that you keep your cast dry. Special cast and bandage protectors are therefore available from the plaster room, the pharmacy, or online (e.g. Lomed Shop). 

If you get a cast on your leg or have a cast removed, you can make use of a wheelchair or crutches. It is possible that you are unable to walk immediately once your cast has been taken off. You can hire forearm crutches for €3.95 per week from the Emergency Department or plaster room. Alternatively, you can buy them for €35. Wheelchairs and crutches can be obtained from a home care shop.

Our orthopedic practitioners

  • René van der Lugt
    René is the orthopedic practitioner team leader. He graduated in 1990 and is the longest-serving employee in the plaster room.
  • Maarten van de Klift
    Maarten has been working in the plaster room since 2010. Prior to this he was nurse coordinator at the orthopedics department for 8 years.
  • Sylvia van den Bulk
    Sylvia started as trainee in 2012 and has been working in the plaster room as an orthopedic practitioner since 2014.

For further information see the orthopedics leaflets (Dutch only).

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