Governance stands for good management, good supervision, and appropriate accountability.

The UMC Governance Code, which was introduced on 1 January 2008, is based on the Governance Code that applies for the entire healthcare industry. The UMC Governance Code differs from the general code in a number of aspects. This makes it more suited to the responsibilities characteristic of a university medical center, including higher education, medical research, training, and related care.
Both the industry-wide Governance Code and the UMC Governance Code are subject to the ‘comply or explain’ principle. This means that university medical centers must provide a substantiated explanation in their annual report (see page 5, 1.3 Governance, Dutch only) as to whether and, if so, to what extent and why they deviated from the agreements in the Governance Code.

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You can download both the UMC Governance Code and the industry-wide Governance Code at