Laboratory Diagnostics

Various specialist departments provide laboratory diagnostic services. This page lists the specialist departments providing these services, and also contains some useful links for requesting laboratory and diagnostic imaging services.

General information on laboratory diagnostics.

Information by laboratory (in Dutch):

Diagnostic imaging

The procedure applies to all tests, including emergency tests. If you have referred a patient for a radiological examination, please complete the ‘Request for radiology consultation’ form.

Please contact the appointments office to make an appointment (on +31 10 704 20 06).

We will try and ensure that the results are interpreted and reported within 24 hours of the test.

If you are connected to the 'Lifeline’ system, you can download the report electronically. If you have any problems with the system, please contact our IT Helpdesk by calling our general number: +31 10 704 0 704.

Forms (in Dutch):

Request for radiology consultation

Request for nuclear medicine intervention consultation