Our results

Our results

At Erasmus MC we constantly work to improve the healthcare and services we provide.  Your experiences as a patient are an important source of information for us, which is why we regularly ask patients about their experiences with our hospital.

Reliable measurements

We conduct reliable measurements of our patients’ perceptions of the healthcare they receive by using the Consumer Quality Index (CQI). This method was specially developed for this purpose and was drawn up together with patients and patient organizations. The Consumer Quality Index is a questionnaire that is used throughout the Netherlands. The questionnaire includes matters important to patients such as:
  • receiving sufficient information on treatment;
  • being involved in decision-making;
  • being ensured of privacy;
  • and having as pleasant a stay at Erasmus MC as possible.

How does it work?

Some of our patients receive an invitation from the independent survey agency MediQuest to complete an online questionnaire. The questions are about how you experience our healthcare and other services in our hospital. The patients receiving the questionnaire are randomly selected. You complete the questionnaire online at home. If you do not have a computer or internet, you will receive a paper version of the questionnaire. We send the invitations once a year in the second half of May.

Questionnaire for children

Children who have been treated at Erasmus MC can also be selected to receive a questionnaire. Parents or carers can complete the questionnaire together with their child. From the age of 12, they can do this themselves.

Confidential and voluntary

Participation in the survey is voluntary. It will not in any way affect your visit to or stay at Erasmus MC. We process your answers anonymously. Erasmus MC does not know which patients have received or completed a questionnaire.

What do we do with the results?

These questionnaires help give us an idea of what patients think of us, including information on whether physicians and nurses explain the diseases and treatments clearly. On whether patients feel safe and comfortable. And questions on whether patients feel welcome and how they rate the accessibility of our services. We use the survey results to improve the healthcare and other services that we provide.
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