Spiritual counseling

A spiritual counselor can help you get things off your chest, you can share your concerns or gratitude, and talk about what to do next. The spiritual counselor supports you with what you experience during your hospital stay.


What we do

What does this specialism entail?

Being admitted to hospital can be a distressing experience that can make you feel hesitant, tense, and insecure, but it can also make you aware of other feelings. Sometimes it’s enough just to be able to talk about everything that is happening or that is about to happen. The things you can discuss with a spiritual counselor include:

  • What is the purpose of all this? 
  • Do I have any control over my body and this disease? 
  • What is of lasting value for me now?
  • What or whom can I still believe? 
  • How can I cope with the current situation? 
  • What are my spiritual and other sources of energy?
  • Profound ethical issues.
  • Cultural topics and values.

Get to know us

You can always just come and get to know us! Spiritual counselors are there for everyone. You may wish to discuss your outlook on life, which could be linked to a particular faith, but this need not necessarily be the case.

What do we want to achieve?

The spiritual counselor will listen to your concerns with sincerity and understanding. If it feels right for you, the spiritual counselor will help connect what you have on your mind with fitting and meaningful texts, images, or symbols. The spiritual counselor can also perform rituals such as a prayer, a blessing, communion, a Eucharist, and anointing of the sick. Another ritual may suit you better. The spiritual counselor will be happy to explore your needs with you.

Do you have questions?

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