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Large Josephine Nefkens Foundation subsidy for cancer research

December 4, 2019

The Erasmus MC was given an important donation by the Josephine Nefkens Foundation, which will be dedicated to further development of scientific research towards advanced cancer treatments. The Josephine Nefkens Foundation and Erasmus MC have a long-standing connection and this 7.5 million Euro donation will strongly contribute to cancer research performed within the Erasmus MC.

With this donation the "Josephine Nefkens Personalized Cancer Treatment Program" is officially initiated. This is a thematic and department-transcendent programme in which an even more intensive cooperation between basic, translational and clinical cancer researchers within the Erasmus MC is the central goal. Mission of the program is to develop new forms of patient-specific treatments and to bring them to the clinic as soon as possible. The amount allocated is devoted to the acquisition and development of laboratory equipment for the purpose of the programme. The current Steering Committee of the programme consists of Prof. Dr. Ivo Touw, Prof. Dr. Pieter Sonneveld, Prof. Dr. Stefan Sleijfer and Prof. Dr. Roland Kanaar.