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Research group/lab

Pharmacy: Medication Optimization and Safety

About our research group/lab

Our research

Prof. dr. Hugo van der Kuy leads this research group, which is based in the Zuyderland MC (Sittard) and the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam). The group consists of clinical pharmacologists, hospital pharmacists and an internist-geriatrician. Three PhD students have succesfully defended their thesis. and five more are currently underway. Research focuses on the optimalisation of pharmacotherapy in primary care and in secondary or tertiary care settings. Part of this research area also focuses on the prevention of (re) hospitalisations through the optimalisation of pharmacotherapy (Control in the Hospital by Extensive Clinical rules for Unplanned hospitalisations in elderly Patients, or CHECkUP). Research on medication safety focuses primarily on the future tole of education in improving medication safety (one PhD student). 

By January 1st 2021, this research line will expand with the commission of associate professor dr. Loes Visser. She will develop and support the epidemiology-part of this research line.

Targets for the future

This line will prioritise its research in both CDSS use (including apss for patient input) and education in the area of (prescribing) drugs. In clinical care, clinical decision support systems aim to support clinicians in safe prescribing. Systematic research is needed to evaluate the impact of such systems. 

Over the years, pharmacists from our department have conducted studies on several interventions. Two staff members have recently obtained study grants to investigate the impact of teaching medical students about precription behaviour. Cooperation with TU Delft (Koers 23) will facilitate the addition of computer technology, including artificial intelligence (AI). Prof dr. Hugo van der Kuy will lead this line.

Key Publications

Our team