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Research projects (215)

Understanding intestinal smooth muscle contraction

Smooth muscle contraction is important for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but is impaired in several congenital intestinal disorders.

Understanding transmission leads to better MRSA control (MACOTRA)

Unravelling clonal success on a genetic and population level and using a mathematical model to predict rise and shine of MRSA clones; A NL, UK, FR ...


We study the feasibility and safety of the sentinel node procedure in recurrent vulvar cancer.

VACCIN study

Adjuvant VACcination against HPV in surgical treatment of CIN lesions, a Randomised Controlled Trial’. Limited data shows that prophylactic HPV ...

Validation of reprocessing efficacy of a duodenoscope (REDUCE)

Duodenoscopes are difficult to clean, leading to persistent contamination after reprocessing. Improvement of this is studied in a novel designed ...

VEO - Versatile Emerging infectious disease Observatory

To revolutionize our ability to detect outbreaks of emerging disease at an early stage, thus allowing time to respond rapidly to seriously curtail ...

VIPS-MRI project

Validation of bi- and three-dimensional Fourier Decomposition to assess lung ventilation and perfusion compared to CT, hyperpolarized gases and ...

Virtual reality before day care surgery in children (VR)

We have developed a virtual reality exposure tool and are researching its effectiveness on anxiety and pain reduction in children undergoing ...

Vital signs

To study the diagnostic accuracy of (low) blood pressure and its relation with other circulatory parameters.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the limbs

Physical and psychosocial work-related risk factors for the development of musculoskeletal disorders of the limbs.

YP Face IT

YP Face IT is an online psychotherapeutic intervention aimed at Dutch adolescents with a visible difference.