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Prof. C. Boucher
Principal Investigator

Dr. C. (Charles) Boucher

Professor and medical specialist Viroscience

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  • Viroscience



Charles Boucher is a Professor in clinical virology at the Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus University) in Rotterdam since 2002.


To our great regret, Prof Dr Boucher (63) passed away on February 26 2021. 
For more information, we would like to redirect you to the In Memoriam: https://www.erasmusmc.nl/en/research/departments/viroscience/articles/in-memoriam-charles-boucher


Field(s) of expertise

Presently, Dr. Boucher's translational research encompasses the evolution of HIV, drug resistance and therapy/cure in relation to pathogenesis and clinical progression and has expanded to include the relationship of viral pathogenesis (HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza) transmission, epidemiology and (modelling of) public health based interventions. He has published over 300 peer reviewed publications and has reviewed 27 scientific reviews of journals and grants.

Education and career

Charles Boucher received his medical degree cum laude from the Amsterdam Medica Charles Boucherl Center (University of Amsterdam) and a PhD in Clinical Virology from the University of Amsterdam, he headed the AMC's antiviral therapy laboratory and later became the assistant professor/ clinical virologist at the University Medical Center Utrecht ).


Other positions

Charles Boucher is the director of the Querido Honours college, and chairs the HIV & Hepatitis Masterclasses for Dutch Specialists in Training. He is the co-founder and is the Chair of the European Society for antiviral Research (ESAR). Prof. Boucher is founder and scientific director of Virology Education, a medical education company focussing on the initiation and
organization of real-time and online platforms for international interchange, knowledge-sharing and education for medical professionals. He co-organizes a number of international meetings.