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R.R. (Rik) van der Linden


Profile page of R.R. (Rik) van der Linden, PhD student at Erasmus MC

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  • Medical Ethics, Philosophy & History of Medicine
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Rik van der Linden, MSc MA (1994) works as a doctoral researcher in the field of Philosophy of Medicine, at the Department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy & History of Medicine, at Erasmus MC Rotterdam. His PhD research focuses on concepts of health and disease, which is part of the NWO project titled: ‘Health and disease as practical concepts: a pragmatist approach to conceptualization of health and disease’, see: https://www.nwo.nl/projecten/40618ft002-0

Field(s) of expertise

Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Psychiatry.

Education and career

Rik obtained a propaedeutic certificate in Biology & Medical Laboratory Research (2012; Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede) and graduated in BSc Health Sciences with a specialization in mental healthcare (2016; Maastricht University), in MSc Mental Health (2018; Maastricht University), and in MA Philosophy: Philosophy, Bioethics & Health (2019; VU University, Amsterdam).
He has also received clinical training as a psychologist (Mondriaan/PsyQ, Maastricht), and worked as a research assistant (GGZ InGeest, Amsterdam).

Teaching activities

Rik has previously worked as a teaching assistant for the bachelor course 'Philosophy & Psychology' at VU university.
In his current position as a PhD student at Erasmus MC, he supports Medical Ethics education in the Medicine bachelor programme.