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Mario Veen

Assistant Professor Educational Research

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  • General Practice



Mario Veen is Assistant Professor Educational Research. He has a PhD in Discursive Psychology and Technology Assessment (2011) and a interdisciplinary background in philosophy, social science and the humanities.

Mario specializes in interdisciplinary approaches to educational research. His research focuses on achieving a balance between ‘technical’ and ‘human’ aspects of medical education: How can reflection contribute to education, without becoming a tick-box exercise that engenders ‘reflective zombies’?; How can we systematically examine unquantifiable phenomena such as empathy and professional identity development?; What competencies do GP residents need to critically assess the impact on patient care of future medical technology?


For PubMed publications, please follow this link.

For publications on ResearchGate, please follow this link.

Other positions

  • Certified Coversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM) trainer
  • Action editor of the Philosophy in Medical Education series of the journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine

Current research projects

  • Exchange of Experiences in General Practitioners’ training: How can tutors enhance its value for trainees?
  • How do residents reflect in practice? Building an evidence base for meaningful reflection education in General Practitioners' specialty training.
  • Goed handelen als het moet: is er blijvend effect van scenario onderwijs in de spoedzorg? [Acting Adequately: Is there a lasting effect of scenario-based education in emergency care?]
  • Shared decision making in diagnostic decisions: Developing clinical case based education to improve shared decision making in the general practitioners' vocational training.
  • Supervised Collaborative Reflection during Primary Care Specialty Training: opening the black box.

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