Sophia Children's Hospital

Protection from childhood diseases

We treat sick children and newborns who are particularly susceptible to infectious and childhood diseases.

For a number of our patients becoming infected by a childhood disease or other illness could have very serious implications. It is therefore important that you contact us directly if:

  • Someone in your family has a childhood disease, such as chickenpox, measles, scarlet fever, or mumps.
  • Your child was admitted to or visited a hospital abroad in the two months prior to the planned visit to our outpatient clinic.
  • Your child or you have been in direct contact with veal cattle, pigs, or poultry.
  • This is your child’s first visit to a hospital after having been adopted.
  • If your child has a fever, or measles, chickenpox, mumps, scarlet fever, or other red spots.

It is important that you call us before you visit our outpatient clinic. You will find the contact details in your appointment letter or here. If your appointment needs to be cancelled, you can make a new appointment immediately.

helping a child in the hospital

Even if your child may have an infectious disease but has to go to the hospital anyway, we will examine him in a separate room. In this case, we ask you to take the shortest route and walk directly to the outpatient clinic where your child has an appointment. Report to the physician’s assistant immediately, so that we can take the necessary measures to look after  your child.

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