Sophia Children's Hospital

Friends of Sophia Foundation

How you can help the children at Erasmus MC-Sophia.

The admission of a child to hospital can be an overwhelming experience. They are away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings. Of course, parents want the best possible treatment for their child, but they also want to spend as much time as possible with them. Although you are aware that the hospital stay is necessary, you also hope that it will be made as pleasant as possible.

In other words, you want your child to receive the best possible care. The staff of Erasmus MC-Sophia in Rotterdam will do their utmost to give children the care they need and deserve.

What does the Friends of Sophia Foundation do?

The Friends of Sophia Foundation is the fundraising institution of Erasmus MC-Sophia. With the help of gifts and donations, the Friends Foundation funds additional scientific research that focuses on improving treatment methods.

Moreover, the Friends Foundation supports projects that aim to make the hospital stay of patients and their parents as pleasant as possible. These projects include fun furnishings for the hospital, toys, recreational facilities, and making the corridors colorful and pleasant.

How can you help Erasmus MC-Sophia?

You can make a donation, but you can also become a Friend or Business Friend of Sophia. Friends and Business Friends receive Vriendennieuws (Friends’ newsletter) twice a year, providing them with information on the projects that have been funded by donations. You can also support us by buying a Sophietje mascot figurine. The Friends staff will be happy to assist you in exploring the possibilities.

Please see the Friends of Sophia Children’s Hospital Foundation website for further information (Dutch only). 

You can also contact us directly by sending an email to or give us a call at +31 10 703 67 50.