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Sturkenboom, Miriam

Miriam Sturkenboom, PhD
Professor of Pharmaco-epidemiology

Phone +31 (0)10 70 44126

Biographical Sketch
Miriam CJM Sturkenboom received her doctoral degree (1995) and PharmD degree (1995) from the University of Groningen. She received her master of science degree from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston (1996) and completed a research fellowship at the Boston Collaborative Drugs Surveillance Program in Lexington, Massachusetts and at the National Research Council in Milan, Italy. She is guest lecturer in pharmacoepidemiology at the State University of Milan and scientific manager of the Integrated Primary Care Information (IPCI) database in the department of Medical Informatics at Erasmus MC.

Research Interests
Dr. Sturkenboom’s major research interesteds are in the pharmacoepidemiology field, studying the use, intended and unintended effects of drugs in large populations, and in the use of medical databases to conduct these studies.