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Closed projects

Title: Previously Healthy?
Subtitle: An ethical approach of incidental findings in research
Subsidized by: ZonMw
Term: 2013-2015

Title: Evaluation legislation central expert committee late termination of pregnancy and ending the life of infants
Subsidized by: ZonMw
Term: 2013

Title: Ageing
Subtitle: Personalised genomics, empowerment, identity and medicalization
Subsidized by: CSG
Term: 2010-2012

Title: Beyond medicine?
Sub title: The ethics of lifestyle medicine: using medical knowledge and technologies beyond traditional medical indications.
Subsidized by: ZonMw
Term: 2009-2012

Title: End-of-life decisionmaking revisited (KOPPEL study)
Subtitle: Kennis en Opvattingen van Publiek en Professionals over Einde Leven beslissingen.
Subsidized by: ZonMW
Term: 2009-201

Subtitle: Ethics and the Obesity and Overweight Epidemic: Image, Culture., Technologies
and Interventions
Subsidized by: EU
Term: 2006-2009

Title: Botox for the Brain
Sub title: A neuroethical study on the enhancement of mental functions with pharmacological substances.
Subsidized by: NWO
Term: 2005-2008

Title: Care at a distance?
Subtitle: A normative investigation into telecare
Subsidized by: NWO
Term: 2005-2008

Title: The borderline of unbearable suffering and beyond
Subsidized by: NWO
Term: 2005-2008

Title: Challenging the stereotypes
Subsidized by: CSG
Term: 2005-2006

Title: Education through fiction
Subtitle: The effects of images, icons, and ideas on moral reasoning about genomics
Subsidized by: CSG
Term: 2004-2006

Title: Fiction, science and science fiction
Subtitle: The role of fiction in the public debates on medical issues and in the medical education
Subsidized by: EU
Term: 2002-2005

Title: Frankenstein Revisited
Subtitle: Fiction and movies on cloning and the public debate
Subsidized by: MCG
Term: 2002

Title: Communicable Diseases, Lifestyles and Personal Responsibility
Subsidized by: Biomed, EU