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Mirjam van der Burg, PhD

Burg,-van-der51x53px Associate Professor, Laboratory Medical Immunology,
 Department of Immunology

 Email contact:
 For PID diagnostics:
                                     tel: +31-10-7043015/4094

 Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) Research Group

The two main research lines of the Workgroup Primary Immunodeficiencies are:

  1. DNA repair in the immune system, especially V(D)J recombination and its defects  in severe combined immunodeficiency and DNA repair disorders.
  2. Immunopathological causes and consequences of primary antibody deficiencies.

The main research interest of PID research group is the generation of a diverse immune receptor repertoire. The generation of this repertoire is based on several molecular mechanisms that are mediated via DNA repair in the context of B- and T-cell  differentiation in bone marrow, thymus and peripheral lymphoid organs. During the past five years, we developed a strategy to measure and visualize the immune repertoire via next generation sequencing and a bioinformatic pipeline based on my Vidi grant “Immune repertoire in the picture”. We used material from patients with monogenetic defects in repertoire formation, DNA repair and B- and T-cell differentiation (i.e. patients with primary immunodeficiencies (PID). These patients are rare, but because of our strong national and international position in the PID field, patient samples were relatively easy accessible. The results of our study gave new insights into fundamental aspects of immune repertoire development on one hand and in the immunopathological causes of the studied PID on the other hand. The strength of our approach is the combination of fundamental immunological research, advanced technologies and our diagnostic position in the  PID field, especially on severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), DNA repair disorders and antibody deficiencies. As spin of our repertoire studies, we initiated several new national and international collaborations. 

Reference center for PID diagnostics
The Workgroup PID is a national and international reference center for flowcytometric and molecular diagnostics for PID of the adaptive immune system  such as antibody deficiencies and T-cell disorders including severe combined immunodeficiencies.

 Group members

Mirjam van der Burg, Group leader
Hanna IJspeert, PhD
Pauline van Schouwenburg, PhD
Marjolein Wentink, MD, PhD student
Fabian Kaiser, MD, PhD student
Barbara Barendregt, Research Assistant
Ingrid Pico, Research Assistant
Sandra Posthumus, Research Assistant
Hanna Kok, Research Assistant
David van Zessen, bioinformatician




 Selected Publications

(See for all publications: van der Burg M in Pubmed)

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