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Clinical genetics

Leading the way in genetic issues

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Genetics at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Clinical Genetics is the medical specialty that deals with genetic counseling and research into hereditary diseases and congenital abnormalities.
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Based on the history of the disease, data from family members and in most cases physical examination, a cause is sought for the disorder in question. Often further research is needed. In consultation between the patient and the clinical geneticist, it will be decided whether and when genetic laboratory research will be used, in which the advantages and disadvantages of this research will be discussed in advance.
The result of the genetic laboratory research is often complicated. The clinical geneticist, in consultation with the laboratory specialist, ensures the clearest possible results and explanations for the patient and the family.
When the (genetic) cause is known, explanations can be given about the symptoms and the course of the clinical picture. The results of the examination may be important for the treatment or monitoring of the patient. The possible consequences for (future) children and other family members are also discussed.
In the context of the privacy of the patient, the medical data are carefully handled. The patient may or may not consent to the use of his or her data for family members.
In addition to diagnostic research, we conduct scientific research into hereditary (congenital) disorders.

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