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IPCI (Integrated Primary Care Information)

Post marketing surveillance on drugs and research based on data from the electronic patient records of Dutch general practitioners.

Description of reasearch:

Postmarketing surveillance of drugs requires the availability of unbiased and routinely collected information on the exposure to drugs, medical outcomes, and potential risk factors. Electronic patient records have been recognized as an important source of data, due to the unbiased and prospective collection of the data and the detailed insight in patient care.

The IPCI project (Integrated Primary Care Information) initially aimed to assess whether the electronic patient records of Dutch general practitioners contain sufficient data to perform studies in the area of postmarketing surveillance. Due to the collection of data on the indication of therapy and the detailed information on measurements, contacts, referrals and exams, the usage of data has been extended to clinical epidemiology (incidence and natural history of disease).

At present the database is used for studies requested by non-commercial partners (College voor Zorgverzekeringen, Zorgonderzoek Nederland, Medicines Evaluation Board) as well as commercial companies (mostly pharmaceutical companies). In addition, the database is used for several PhD and MSc projects from different universities (University of Utrecht, University of Groningen, University of Nijmegen, Erasmus University Rotterdam).


Head of the section:   Prof. dr. M.C.J.M. Sturkenboom
Room:                      Ee21-04
Phone:                     +31 (0)10-7044126

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