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Jurgen Marteijn

Genome Stability

Despite detailed insight into the core NER process, little is known about its dynamic regulation and how chromatin remodeling and damage signaling is regulated. To investigate these regulatory pathways we are currently employing quantitative proteomics and live cell imaging approaches to get a better understanding of these topics. (1) Recent reports indicate that post-translational protein modifications with ubiquitin play a key role in regulating the DNA damage response (DDR). Our main focus of this project is to unravel the role of the ubiquitin-proteasome-system during DNA-repair by studying the differences in ubiquitination after UV damage using quantitative proteomics. (2) Using live cell imaging in combination with our in house developed UV laser (266nm) we can study the in vivo dynamics of different GFP-tagged DDR proteins upon UV-C damage. (3) Combining the library of GFP-tagged NER proteins with quantitative interaction proteomics we will determine time-resolved changes in known and newly-discovered NER-regulators (NER-interactome). Thereby we will generate a better understanding of the regulation of NER and its connection with chromatin remodeling and damage signaling.