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This is a biomedical engineering projec in collabaration between the Erasmus MC (Dik van Gent), TU Delft (Ronald Dekker) and Philips Research (Anja van der Stolpe).

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We are developing the first generation cancer-on-chip models for functional precision diagnostic purposes: microfluidic chips containing cultures of viable slices from resected primary breast cancer tumors to test drug efficacy on an individual patient basis. The organ-on-chip approach allows improved mimicking of the ex vivo cancer cell microenvironment, both with respect to physical and biochemical factors, allowing optimal primary cancer cell culture under tightly controlled growth conditions. We aim to provide the first proof of principle that primary cancer culture in an organ-on-chip device can have clinical utility as a diagnostic test to functionally assess the response of an individual patient’s tumor to a targeted drug.

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