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Fifth Rotterdam 3D-Temporal Bone Dissection Course (Residents)

Startmoment: 26 en 27 september 2022
Duur: 8 uur
Onderwijsaanbieder: SkillsLab & SimulationCenter
Onderwijsvorm: Klassikaal
Categorieën : Vakinhoudelijk handelen

Over deze opleiding


Learning objectives
The main goal of this one-day hands-on course is to practice and refine your temporal bone dissection skills.

You will have the unique opportunity to practice on a 3D-printed temporal bone as well as on a fresh frozen human specimen.
Every participant receives one 3D-printed temporal bone model and one fresh-frozen human specimen. The 3D-printed model can be taken home afterwards.
Ossicular chain reconstruction with titanium PORP and TORP can be performed in the human specimen.
Several different prosthesis models will be provided by Entercare.

Participants: 10
Target group: Dutch and Belgian otolaryngologists, practicing at regional or university hospitals
Accreditation: KNO
Course fee: € 400,-
Date: 26 September (one day course), 27 September (one day course) 2022
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Praktische informatie


26 en 27 september 2022
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De kosten bedragen € 400,00

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